Selection Meerapfel

Selection Meerapfel

Selection Meerapfel is the personal blends collection of the Meerapfel family.

Over the past 11 generations and for over 400 years, the Meerapfel family and companies have accumulated an immense experience in tobacco and cigars.

Selection Meerapfel leverages this know-how and assets to create the “Meerapfel Selections”; products we proudly put together for the most demanding connoisseurs.

Our cigars are inspired by our history, life, family moments and romantic ideals.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy our passion.

La Estancia Exclusiva

La Estancia was the gathering place of the mansions in Havana during the emblematic 1980’s. This cigar celebrates the stories told by gentlemen rolling dice and drinking fine rums whilst carving everlasting memories. For over 400 years the Meerapfel family has been trading and growing the finest premium tobaccos in the world. Our best aged tobaccos were used to blend our EE into a masterpiece. This is where science stops and the arts begin… So kick back, relax, and enjoy our passion.

La Estancia

Commemorating the golden age of tobacco, flavor, smoothness and aroma; La Estancia is selective and exclusive. This one-of-a-kind cigar is blended with aged Nicaraguan & Cuban tobacco combining the soul of Cuba and the spirit of Nicaragua, resulting in a cigar with rich and opulent aromas encompassed in a mosaic of flavors.


The embodiment of Spanish “gusto”: Nicaraguan filler with deep spice & woody flavors, Costa Rican blinder lending earthy  aromatics to the mix of a Honduran wrapper with a smoothness that wets the senses. Just like the comfort and satisfaction of a celebratory meal with the family, this experience feels just right. No nonsense cigar, pure flavour.


Tobacco curing is a prerequisite of a good smoke. The Square Line leaves have been carefully cured resulting in a quality leaf which once blended, has a harmonious balance. A great value cigar. Available in five sizes, six variants; Adapted to all aficionado’s taste, time, and preference for intensity.


Nicaraguan hand rolled medium filler cigars. In the words of the “vergueros” – “Un cigarro debe saber como un cigarro”- “A cigar should taste like a cigar”. Deftly rolled in Nicaragua with tobacco aged for several years resulting in smoothness: as a cigar sould be.

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